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140 years of history

From tree to bar, Diogo Vaz offers vintage chocolates with exceptional textures and unique flavors. Located in Africa, in the heart of the São Tomé island, the Diogo Vaz company produces organic cacao with an emphasis on respecting the environment and supporting the local population.

  • Two centuries of know-how

Diogo Vaz’s story starts in 1880 in the heart of the paradisiacal São Tomé island. Located in the west of Africa, near to the equator, and protected by a unique vegetation, Diogo Vaz’s cacao forest cover more than 420 hectares. The volcanic ground and the islands climate create a “terroir” that allows us to create a unique chocolate in the world. In 1910, after the abolition of slavery, São Tomé and Principe became the world’s leading cacao producer with 35,000 tons of chocolate. This little African country became known as the Island of Chocolate.

Ile de São Tomé
Ile de São Tomé
  • A new boost for the plantation

After the reorganisation in 2014, Diogo Vaz built a plantation based entirely on organic agriculture, respecting its roots, and ancestral know-how. In the heart of Diogo Vaz, a team of passionate people in south of France working to share unique chocolate and help build the world of tomorrow.


Acutally, Diogo Vaz is one of the oldest plantations on the island and is constantly investing to reach new levels of excellence. Between each cacao harvest, the local team takes care of the trees. With our history, our passion, and the village, we have created a chocolate with unique flavors.

The excellence of our products has already won the greatest chefs in the world. Our Diogo Vaz stores offer a selection designed by the biggest names in pastry.

  • 2016, dedication to excellence

With the support of leading specialists of the sector, the brand has been featured at the largest chocolate exhibitions around the world. Olivier Casenave, a French chocolatier and technical director, won the “best chocolate bar” prize using beans for Diogo Vaz in 2016 (Salon du Chocolate Paris).

  • 2018, recognition of skill

In 2018, the prestigious “Collège Culinaire de France” began using Diogo Vaz’s products and recommend using our products in the most prestigious artisans and restaurants in France.

Like win castle, awaken your senses and taste Diogo Vaz chocolate.