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In Sao Tome, we need all the village to make Diogo Vaz Chocolate bars.

Located west of Africa, close to the equator, São Tomé and Principe islands are nestled in the center of the world. The rich volcanic ground and the local climate help create a unique terroir and allows us to produce one of the best cacaos in the world.


The natural conditions allow the pods and beans to reach beautiful maturity. The island of Sao Tomé has a perfect location where the sun, the ground and the vegetation each play an important role in creating unique varieties of cacao.

Just like with great wine, the “terroir” is paramount in the creation of chocolate. Without the rare and natural São Tomé ecosystem, nothing can be possible. Through the traditional skills of the villagers and the hard work of the Diogo Vaz team, the natural environment of the island is revealed. They must choose the right varieties, develop the blends, adapt the techniques, and adjust the cultivation conditions. It’s a unique job.

Ile de São Tomé

Across the world, more than 7 million peoples, produce chocolate but the majority live in poverty. Rooted in two strong convictions, the Diogo Vaz team strives for organic production while offering the local population better living conditions.

In addition to bolstering the economy of the island and highlighting their artisanal skills, each year:

1 • We improve children’s education: construction and renovation of schools (300 students), establishment of nurseries, financing education, internships, transportation, etc.

2 • We offer professional training and driving classes.

3 • We take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our employees: a doctor is available for the staff and we are working to establish an ambulance system.

4 • We carefully adhere to environmental regulations: self-sufficiency for food, garbage and recycling, shared gardens, etc.

5 • We renovate the village’s historic buildings to improve the quality of life: drinkable water, WC, etc.

6 • We create social and economic assistance for villagers: family grants, retirement, gender equality programs, micro-credit, etc.

We need all the village to make Diogo Vaz Chocolate bars.