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From tree to bar, the true flavor of chocolate

« The production of cacao is like the wine, but the fragility of the product force us to use only natural processes. Just like any “grand cru”, this cultivation gives unknown flavors ». William MARTIN General Manager

We are producer and seller; all our chocolate is made with beans from the Diogo Vaz plantation in São Tomé island. Our organic cacao varieties possess a rare quality that allows you to enjoy the true flavor of chocolate.
Diogo Vaz’s production and sales processes are one of a kind:


  1. Production and harvest
    Diogo Vaz produces its own seedlings and harvests all the fruit, also called “pods”, by hand. For 140 years, this traditional process allows each pod to preserve the terroir’s unique flavor.


  1. Fermentation
    The beans are then removed from the pods by hand and carefully wrapped in banana leaves. The leaves help developpe deeper, more subtle flavors during this stage.
  1. Drying
    One by one, the fermented beans are placed on large shelfs to dry slowly and peacefully thanks to the Sao Tomé sun.


  1. Roasting
    Still on Sao Tomé island, the beans are roasted in order to draw out their exceptional flavors.


  1. Grinding and conching
    The beans are then carefully sorted and crushed to produce the “nibs”.  Meticulously mixed with cocoa butter and sugar, the blend of these three ingredients allows us to create the chocolate.
  1. Molding and packaging
    Then, the chocolate is molded, which gives its final shape and appealing shine. For the final step, the chocolate is hand wrapped by our staff.

Blending ancestral know-how and innovation, Diogo Vaz offers you the chance to taste one of the world’s unique chocolates.